PUD needs to look outside for help

What shocking news! An outside consultant determined PUD management and workers have a communication problem. My question is — why did the commissioners waste ratepayer money hiring a consultant when they have been aware of this communication problem for years and have done nothing about it?

The last time the management and workers worked together was when General Manager Rick Lovely signed the IDACORP Power Contract that cost the ratepayers millions of dollars.

As a result of that, the union employees agreed to pay cuts and early retirements in order to keep the utility from going into receivership. Then a union committee review of the PUD books discovered accounting errors in the millions that the district was not aware of. This discovery not only averted PUD receivership but also maintained pay rates and jobs of union employees.

Communication between management and workers has always been an issue that needs to be resolved. The PUD needs a new leader with new ideas. New ideas will not come from selecting a new manager from the current in house “good ol’ boys club.”

Now is the time to hire a person from outside the PUD to lead our district in the years ahead.

Mike Sajec, PUD Retired