Purse theft has happy ending — this time

A couple weeks ago my purse was stolen from my vehicle at Fairway Market in Hoquiam. I was able to flag down a passing Hoquiam officer and within minutes there were several officers there scanning the area, calling my phone. My purse/suitcase was found in a nearby alley with some cash gone and my cell phone.

Later that evening I received a phone call from someone wanting to give me my cell phone back. An Aberdeen Officer assisted me in the recovery of my phone. The perpetrator took pictures of himself on my phone and has been arrested.

This was certainly nothing short of a miracle.

I was only out of my vehicle long enough to get change and buy a paper. My friend also had her purse stolen recently. My point is not to leave your valuables available to these relentless drug addicts/criminals. They don’t care. If your purse or phone is showing or even if they see you not take your purse with you, they are watching. Let’s not make it easy for them.

Last but not least, kudos to our policeman who responded so quickly. Their efforts were very much appreciated!

Sandie K. Carman