Questions for the Quinault tribe

An open letter to the Quinault Tribe —

Please don’t call me prejudiced. I have a granddaughter adopted from China, a grandson married to a card-carrying Cherokee, I graduated from Quinault High School, one of my best girl friends was from the Quinault Tribe and half my renters are Hispanic, love them all. I bought products from your cannery and they are the best clams and fish anyone could ask for, but what I would like to know is what have we, in the Quinault community, done to deserve the treatment we are getting from the Tribe?

We have weathered the spotted owl, the Wild Olympics, and now the closing of Lake Quinault? Putting all business at risk of being wiped out. What have we done to deserve such treatment?

Rumors are going wild. Did the Tribe decide they needed to say the lake was contaminated to get the federal government to come to their aid to build a new septic system so they could build a new casino at the foot of the lake? If so, why have there been citizens doing their own testing and coming up with all good tests? Why, for a while, could only tribal members swim in the water? Are they immune? And can you sell your fish on the open market when there is such contamination?

Are you trying to retaliate because the Quinault school and other schools refuse to play your teams because of rudeness on the part of your spectators and team and have a hard time getting someone to officiate at their games?

Was there a meeting called at the Quinault Lodge to discuss the problems and hopefully come to an agreement that everyone could live with, but the only ones that didn’t show were the Tribe because they didn’t have anything to say? Or maybe they didn’t want to.

In all fairness, I think we need some answers to these and other rumors that are flying. Is fairness your game, or do you not care what happens to our community? It would be pleasing for everyone to get some answers instead of just rumors.

Betty Miller