Rain or Shine Jazz Festival worthy of city’s support

Festival is worthy of city’s support

I have been trying to get around to writing this letter since the article came out in The Daily World that the Aberdeen City Council was dropping funding for the Rain or Shine Jazz festival.

I have been volunteering for the Jazz Festival for many years. Yes, the attendance isn’t what it used to be and yes there are more middle-age and older people that attend.

However, aren’t we entitled to have something we enjoy well as the younger generation enjoying the Splash festival.

John Maki and his wife have worked so tirelessly on Rain or Shine for many years even using their own money to help fund the festival.

I think it’s a real shame that the City Council voted against giving Rain or Shine a share of the lodging tax.

Being a Wishkah Valley resident I don’t get to vote for a city councilperson but I certainly thank Alice Phelps and James Cook for voting in favor of the festival. Also Aberdeen High School Jazz Band usually plays a set at the festival and believe it or not we do have some young people dancing!

Also, I have been reading The Daily World since I was 18 and I didn’t think I’d like getting the paper only three days a week. However, since I was usually a day or two behind, I find that three papers a week is working out fine for my lifestyle.

Norma Fredericks


Transit decision

I don’t understand the transit board’s decision on doing away with weekend service. I didn’t hear of any other ideas of solving the problem.

Do they realize that in conjunction with the Aberdeen-Hoquiam run (which goes on the half hour) the Ocean Shores bus and Olympia bus start or go through Hoquiam nine times that the same buses go through Aberdeen to Hoquiam 16 times — isn’t that a waste?

Everybody, including senior citizens, students and disabled citizens, should pay $1 to ride. In that way they could transfer at no cost.

They said that 3,500 riders use the bus on weekend, of those 80 percent ride on Saturday.

I know the taxpayer doesn’t realize the waste in the transit system, but it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a new schedule to meet their budget.

Maybe they should have a citizens committee look into the matter.

Patrick O’Connor