Rapp thank you

1,000 thanks to Dan Bonnell Tree Technicians!

Dear Dan and Crew: Ken, Jereme, and Chris. Wow! Watching you work together last week was more fun and more fascinating than a three-ring circus or a really top rate movie. Any of you could qualify for the S.W.A.T. team or the Navy Seals. I have been an R.N. nearly 57 years, have assisted with many surgeries, and you men remind me of a highly skilled team of surgeons, doing a very complex surgery. I can easily see why all of you are so trim and strong and muscular. You could teach a class in weight-lifting, coordination, teamwork and several other things.

My husband Fred and I are praying for your safety. You have greatly improved our safety, and we are deeply grateful to you. May God bless, direct and protect each of you and your precious families.

Shirley Rapp