Reader Opinion — Penmanship and the Age of Aquarius

It’s difficult being a visionary — at least until your bruised ego finally realizes the ideas you posited THEN, and which are accepted NOW, were simply ahead of their time.

“Mind, Body, Soul” is the popular category now for my wellness and balance articles that once received rejection notes such as, “well written, but will it sell?”

Snide response from a school board THEN to my suggestion that we replace pop and candy in school vending machines with dried apples and juice, as we’re doing now, made me feel like the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Likewise, my life-long interest in astrology and my views on preparedness for the coming Age of Aquarius were often treated with amusement, yet here we are NOW, in the thick of it, wondering “what’s going on with this world?”

Depending on your receptiveness to new ideas, here’s my take on the cosmos and whether it really is “in heaven as it is on earth.”

According to astronomers, we entered the Age of Aquarius around the turn of the century. To many of us, it seems like decadence and depravity have since become prevalent. Here’s why it may have been written in the stars.

Astronomers know that it takes the earth some 25,868 years (one “Great Year”) to pass through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each “Great Month” lasts for some 2,000 years! We’ve just witnessed an astronomical milestone with the end of the Great Month of Pisces.

Astrologers believe the influences of each Great Month AND its opposite sign (which provides balance) are felt for 2,000 years by an entire civilization! If so, Earth will feel the influences of Aquarius and Leo longer than we’ll be alive!

The Great Month of gentle Pisces which just ended was symbolized by religious fish symbols and emphasized Godliness and charity. Virgo opposite stressed agriculture and health. Now that we’ve entered quirky Aquarius, an intellectual air sign symbolized by waves of energy and concerned with humanitarianism, emphasis for another 2,000 years will be on dynamically replacing broken systems, emotional coolness, and unique displays of individuality, often rebelliously or brilliantly.

Providing balance, sunny Leo represents creative leadership, children, love, gaming and theatrics. (Have you noticed a recent influx of casinos and sunny yellow cars?) We also have a Leo President, so anything’s possible now.

Astronomers and astrologers may not agree that the zodiac influences humankind, but art and social history always reveals a civilization’s influences non-verbally (unlike historical accounts of colonial conquests and religious persecution.)

For instance, during the Great Month of maternal Cancer, nurturing and motherhood were emphasized, fertility symbols abounded, and opposing Capricorn, an earth sign, influenced the first displays of farming and fishing.

Likewise, the Great Month of daring Aries focused on wars and the spilling of blood, or “painting the town red.” Balanced by Libra and its scales of justice, the first democratic Greek government was formed!

If such influences are believable, what we’re seeing now at the beginning of Aquarius and Leo’s influence is the tip of the iceberg: electronic technology has risen to new heights, and emotional indifference and displays of individuality are widespread. It’s obvious in robotic telephone systems, outlandish grooming once deemed “unsuitable” for school or office, broken or new forms of marriage and a return to natural healing modalities such as herbs and acupuncture. Even cannabis is back in favor while chemicals which harm environments and create new diseases are growing in disfavor. Oh, happy day!

The proliferation of shock films during this new “anything goes” era, and TV shows about dysfunctional families such as “All My Babies’ Mamas” seems voyeuristic to me, and suggests a desensitization to civility and gentility. And while I’m not knocking social networking, which is seriously replacing inter-personal communication, I don’t consider faceless beings “friends” or five word texts “dialogue.” But I do wonder whether the art of tattooing isn’t perhaps a subconscious wish to return to a tribal family identity.

What really frosts my cake is a current notion to cease teaching penmanship, a system which isn’t broken! True, very few bother to write thank you notes anymore (or even say “thanks” for a gift) but penmanship is still a prime example of “extending a hand” and a warmer alternative to non-words and aliases on a screen! It’s also a useful graphic indicator of one’s health.

Personally, I’m disenchanted enough with today’s news and entertainment to limit my newspaper time to a decent non-political essay when I can find one, to honing my mind with a crossword, and of course to reading the obits to make sure I’m not in there. Then I’ll end my day with a thought provoking that entertains without endless profanity, and perhaps inspires me to continue sharing my own knowledge in the hopes of encouraging others to retain our value systems and teach our children accordingly.

Isa “Kitty” Mady lives in Montesano.