Real and reasonable change

Real and reasonable

It is a melancholy object to those who walk through the streets of their great towns or travel in the country, to read, see or hear of the news of a great number of children and adults who, though no fault of their own, are shot dead before their time. Parents and grandparents and relations of the deceased do not understand why there are those among us who can sanction the large number of murders and killings in this nation because of the “right to bear arms” and, to be able to obtain weapons of mass destruction, the same weapons that are used to indiscriminately destroy lives.

But my intention in saying this is very far from being confined to the sane, good and well educated loving people and neighbors who are put to death each and every year by the firing squads of the despicable or the mentally ill; to a much greater extent, it takes in the whole number of human tragedies at our doorstep. Our inner cities are littered with the corpses of young people who settle their differences with bullets, not to mention the despondent who ends his or her precious life with gun powder and steel.

If the NRA and the majority of Republicans in Congress and the Senate hold fast to their “right to bear arms,” we will continue to revisit gun tragedies in this nation. This will end up being our legacy for the future — the rights of a few held to the highest level under the law, while the rest of us and our children and grandchildren are gunned down by someone’s trigger finger.

The only alternative for preventing massacres in the future would be for non-gun owners to change the laws with their votes. Gun owners and the NRA should seriously consider this fact by negotiating with the rest of us non-gun owners. If gun owners want to continue their Constitutional “right” to own reasonable hunting and home protection, then they had better come to the table now with the rest of us and make real and reasonable changes to prevent future massacres.

Jerry Taylor