Reform gun laws

The winds of change struck the NRA family tree, shaking out all the nuts; let’s bag them up and send them to the trusted servants we have elected to represent us that are not yet standing for anti-massacre reforms to our gun laws.

We’ve heard from sane NRA members, many of whom are for banning assault weaponry sales to the public. Then there is the other element that gives the NRA the appearance of a fanatical church whose dogma is the Second Amendment. They make the most convincing argument for gun law reforms.

Case in point: In Portland a few days ago two males walking around town wearing assault rifles slung over their shoulders and hand guns in gun belts — they stated “we want to educate people about their gun rights.” Only people and shop owners, some terrified, ran for help and others locked themselves in the back rooms of their businesses.

What is the benefit of having military style weaponry available to private citizens? Many police departments do not have them in their arsenals due to the hazard they present to innocent people. The bill for gun reforms banning assault type guns, large capacity bullet clips and armor piercing bullets has been paid in full with hundreds of lives, including the 20 children of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Let’s get gun law reform done now.

Val Ayres

Copalis Crossing