Reject R-74

Is homosexual union the same as heterosexual marriage? That is the question on the Washington ballot next month, and here’s my quick answer. The union of one man and one woman is a unique relationship that has no parallel.

We all have many relationships — with our boss, our co-workers, our employees, our teammates, our parents, our kids, our neighbors, our countrymen, even our celebrities. These relationships are all valid and important. But they are not marriage, and it would be strange to call them such.

My atheist friends can skip to the next paragraph, but I am convinced marriage was created by God. It is very narrow in its design. One man, one woman, for one lifetime. That’s very specific. This means that even divorce is outside of the design. Divorce happens with fallible humans, true. But it was never the plan as God designed it.

This marriage relationship is unique to all others. It is often through this undying committed relationship that God works on our personal weaknesses. It is where families begin and provides the foundation of society. And it is only through the union of one man and one woman, that God’s greatest gift, life, is created. This is hugely significant.

An example. If we woke up tomorrow, and all the men had suddenly been replaced with females, would life be the same as is it is now? The proponents of R-74 would like us to believe it would be; that gender doesn’t matter. (The referendum strikes the gender terms “man” and “woman.”) But the obvious answer is: no. Without our critical gender differences, and their necessary union, the human race would die out. That is not the same. That is very different than how it is now. Why do we feel an urge to say that it is the same? That doesn’t mean homosexuality is wrong (that is a different discussion altogether), but to deny that it is different is illogical.

Same sex relationships are not the same as the relationship between one man and one woman; no relationship is. Thirty-two other states have already voted, and all voted to reaffirm marriage. We’d do well to acknowledge the same thing. Let’s not change the word “marriage;” it’s already in use. Reject R-74.

Caleb Backholm