Response to relative’s letter

I hope you will allow me to make a brief rebuttal of Jen Gillies letter of Oct. 12.

Just a couple of points: Number one, I have known for many years that she is a lesbian, but have never not loved her or her family. She says I barely know her, but the reverse is also true. The valid reason for both of us is that her mom and dad split up about 25 years ago and she went, of course, with her mom and was not raised in the home of her father and stepmother so consequently never attended any of our family gatherings. She has, however been a guest in my home, but I have never been invited to hers. I would never presume to think that there is not a lot of loved shared in her current family with her partner and her children.

Number two, two of the passages of the Bible, cited by her, are from the old law under the old testament before Jesus was sent. And if she would read Matthew again I hope she would note to whom Jesus is speaking. (By the way, I have never eaten shrimp — I do not eat any creatures that sport eight legs — and not because there is any “law” against it!)

Number three, I certainly am impressed by her hard work on the local and national level. I would think that she would understand then, that under Washington law, she has every legal right that heterosexual couples have, except the right to the word “marriage,” which has, since time began, been defined as a union between a man and a woman.

Fourth and finally, I don’t think that she understood my letter at all, which was not an attack on gays, but rather an objection to those who encourage and condone behavior that science has repeatedly shown leads to a greatly reduced life span and increased illness. A couple of references: Lawrence Altman, the New York Times; P. Cameron, “Does Homosexuality Activity Shorten Life?”, published in Psychological Reports, 1998, and the International Journal of Epidemiology Vol 26. And literally hundreds more. And, even as I admit that my “opinion” is strongly biblical, I simply could not wish such illness and shortened lifespan on anyone I dearly love.

Sally Feneide