ROI on commissioners questioned

We have a leadership problem. The county commissioners have turned a legal Washington State Constitutional process into a circus act. The Grays Harbor Democrats, using a process set out in the state Constitution, sent a list of three nominees for the prosecuting attorney position to the county commissioners. This list was sent to the commissioners so they could choose a replacement for the retiring Stew Menefee.

The letter sent to the commissioner stated: “The candidates are presented in rank order as they were nominated and ratified by the Grays Harbor County Democratic Party. We call on you to respect the wishes of the Democratic Party to appoint Katie Svoboda, the top ranked choice of the PCO’s.”

Did the commissioners respect our wishes? No! They decided if we don’t get the list we want, we will blow it up. Instead of appointing our No. 1 nominee choice and exhibiting good leadership and respect they picked the third-ranked nominee. They did this with no notice or any interview of the nominees. This is not the responsible leadership that the people of Grays Harbor County expect from their elected officials. Katie Svobada was the top pick of 25 elected PCOs, because she is the most qualified for the position.

Our three county commissioners are exhibiting blatantly poor leadership skills by choosing a less qualified replacement. The people of Grays Harbor County unfortunately are paying $300,000 per year for all of your positions collectively, but we are getting little return on our investment with this type of leadership.

Patrick Wadsworth