Romney was too nice

As a conservative, I was very disappointed with Romney’s third debate.

Romney failed to mention Obama’s failure of open and honest government where Obama let his administration lie to the American public about the Libyan security failure. Romney should have said, “If I had made such a blunder in providing security and my ambassador had been murdered in a terrorist attack, I would have been upfront with the American people and told you the truth from the beginning.” Obama continues to blame everyone but himself for his failures. That’s unacceptable in a leader.

Romney should have mentioned all the security leaks the Obama Administration has made so they could try to score political points, i.e., leaking bin Laden attack details, Seal Team 6 details, proposed attacking insurgents in Mali. And why wasn’t the failure to use influence to save the Pakistani doctor, who helped us get bin Laden, made an issue?

Romney should have mentioned that America’s ranking has gone from first to seventh in international competitiveness.

An issue I don’t agree with Romney on is his claiming China is a currency manipulator. The U.S. is doing far worse by printing money at the rate of $40 billion per month. We’re debasing our own currency much more than China. And what about America’s debt being downgraded for the first time in history under Obama, with another downgrade threatened, and his failure to influence a Democratic Senate to vote on a budget, or even a single Democrat to vote on his budget the past couple years?

Romney should have mentioned America’s proven $2.5 trillion in oil reserves are higher now than years ago. These energy reserves are assets that can create millions of union jobs, create tax revenue for millions of teacher years, and allow us to slip the bonds of Middle East dependency and their state funding of terrorism. Obama claims oil production is up but ignores the increase is despite his efforts at blocking considerable U.S. federal land from oil drilling.

Romney should have mentioned that Iran has threatened to destroy America, not just Israel; that Russia really does want to recreate an empire; that China has threatened America’s militarily and is undercutting America at every step even though it has its own financial, population and environmental problems; that the EU is falling apart; that Canada now doubts America is a solid economic ally because Obama has been blocking the Keystone Pipeline; Mexico continues to be run by drug cartels; and our biggest defense threats are cyberwarfare and an Electro-Magnetic Pulse high altitude detonation over the U.S.

Romney could have defended America against Obama’s support of the Law of the Sea Treaty, the UN Gun Law, the UN Internet Tax and the UN banking tax. Those are schemes to drain America of wealth and control over our own destiny.

Romney could have mentioned the UN claims the Obama coveted food-to-fuel program has forced hundreds of millions into starvation; Germany is suffering economically because of its green energy implementation; that African subsistence farmers are being uprooted by the tens of thousands because countries such as China buying up land for biofuel feedstock; and biofuel is increasing pollution.

Romney was too nice in the debate.

Randy Dutton