Sacrifice personified

After watching Mother Nature go ballistic all over Moore, Okla., and then thinking back to the tragedy that took place in Newtown, Conn. back in December of last year I’ve come to somewhat of an epiphany, I suppose.

I’ve learned to appreciate the care and sacrifice that our nation’s teachers demonstrate in their career choices.

These people don’t make enough money or earn enough benefits for the job they do. How many of the rest of us would be willing to get between the kids and all those bullets, or even get between kids and an F-5 tornado? I really don’t believe the teachers got into their careers to make a lot of money that they could move off shore to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. The same can be said of our first responders, like police and firefighters. They do it because they want to serve.

Just one more point I’d like to make and I’m not really trying to upset any NRA members out there. Or maybe I am. But the next time someone mentions how fearful they are that the big bad government of the United States is coming for their guns, remind them, no, that’s paranoia. Fear is what was running through the minds of the last few innocent victims of Sandy Hook. Fear is what was running through the minds of the school children and their teachers in Moore, Okla., as the freight-train roar of the tornado approached them.

So now, when I hear a teacher refer to their students as “their kids,” I get it. In a life-threatening situation, they seem to react in the way any of “their kids’ ” parents would react. God bless them all.

Michael L. Harp Sr.