Save a whale: Avoid chemicals

Regarding the whale that washed up on the beach near Ocean Shores, between accidental spills and deliberate polluting, marine life doesn’t have a chance!

After researching gray whale migrations following the recent wave of apparent starvation deaths, it became clear to these whale watchers what is probably happening. Since the beginning of time these massive creatures migrated along our coast feeding in and out of estuaries on mud and ghost shrimp. Today, however, a powerful and greedy Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association somehow acquired a free pass since 1964 to chemically eradicate shrimp in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor. The shrimp populations have been decimated to near extinction! Take two large estuaries out of the equation and, well, you’re getting the pictures!

Here’s the kicker; The state Department of Ecology is still giving out permits to aerial spray carbaryl or other chemicals for more shrimp control! Please research! We are not making this up! Save a whale and possibly yourself: Don’t eat chemical flavored oysters!

Steve and Cynthia Bova

Ocean Shores