Say no to involvement in Syria

Despite the moral imperative of the world to protect every human being who is under the thumb of a dictatorial regime, the majority of Americans are saying “just say no to any more saber rattling and red lines drawn in the Arab sands.” The most courageous thing for our president to do now is to wait! Wait for our representatives in Congress and the United Nations to put up a vote one way or the other on the use of our military against Assad and Syria.

The fact that we have a strong military is not a mandate to take action we deem moral. When China becomes a greater military (and they are increasing their military presence in leaps and bounds), would our attack in Syria give China a precedent to attack their neighbors unilaterally such as Taiwan and India and Tibet?

As Americans, we abhor the killing of innocent civilians, but invading and bombing Syria should be a world decision. Obviously, Russia, China and Britain are taking the position that Syria and Assad can do what they please when it comes to the genocide of their political opposition within their borders.

War, killing, surgical strikes, the bombing of sovereign countries and collateral damage: these are words not currently in the lexicon of the American public. We’re tired. We’re tired of being sucked into civil wars for which we later get hated and blamed for being involved. We know that once we’re committed to war in a unilateral action, we’ll be spending billions of our treasure. We will also later see our military suffer PTSD, death, and loss of heart and limb. It’s time for the world to make a joint commitment to strike dictators such as Assad and Syria. Without world commitment in a joint effort to completely overthrow dictators like Assad, limited punitive actions will do nothing but stir up Arabs against us again and again and they will again wonder why we went in there in the first place. “We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.” At the present time, Mr. President and Mr. Kerry, we the people say “don’t.” Wait!

Jerry Taylor