Sole Community Hospital support in Senate budget will protect our community’s health

We would like to thank Senators Jim Hargrove and Brian Hatfield for introducing language into the proposed Senate Budget released last week, providing much needed support for Grays Harbor Community Hospital (GHCH). This budget item benefits sole community hospitals, such as ours, by addressing an issue that is very important to the health and well-being of our community.

The Senators’ added language is in alignment with the federal designation of Sole Community Hospitals. This designation in the budget will create reimbursement rates that will protect vulnerable and historically underserved rural communities from losing essential health care services.

We are thankful for the support of our elected officials and the work they do for our communities, and we are hopeful that this Sole Community Hospital language will make it into the final budget. Thank you Senators Hargrove and Hatfield for your support. We also want to recognize and thank State Representatives Steve Tharinger and Kevin Van De Wege, Brian Hatfield, and Dean Takko for their work and leadership to support Sole Community Hospitals in the State budget.

Grays Harbor Community Hospital Board of Directors

Tom Jensen, CEO

Board Members: Curt Janhunen

Tim Kuhn

Jim Manenica

Dr. Carey Martens, Chief of Medical Staff

Gregory May, MD

Robert McCauley, MD

David Monsen

Pete Scroggs

Ty Palmer

Barbara McCullough

Sharon Schermer

Maryann Welch