Some suggestions

In view of your recent changes, it seems inappropriate to keep the word “Daily” in your name, so in the spirit of helpfulness, may I suggest substitution of “The Erstwhile Daily World” or perhaps “The Intermittent World.” Actually, this is probably a good time to let “World” go too, since in this context it doesn’t work well without modifiers. you could take a more basic name, like “The Local Paper” (uninspired but honest). Please consider having a re-name the paper contest.

I do understand your reasons for reducing to three days a week and, having little choice, accept your decision, but please spare us further repetition of “you’re getting just as much as you did before.” You protest too much. Eating three large dinners a week is not the same as eating every night, no matter who says it is. It is adding insult to injury to take away what we thought we paid for and then tell us how happy we should be with what you’ve decided to give us instead. (I hope, by the way, that this will include six Dear Abby columns per week. We were getting that before, and it is the single item I would miss most.)

I do wish you had sought input from your readership before reducing service so drastically. I, for one, would rather pay more and get the paper every day. It appears that you are gradually weaning us off your product. That worries, and it should worry you too, because the less often we see it, the less we will depend on it as we did before. This can’t be good for you either.

I have been a subscriber for 33 years. I miss you already.

Katie O’Brien