Some weapons are just beyond the pale

Ron Armstrong from Hoquiam mentioned my name in his editorial. Ron, I know a little about clips and high capacity rounds in a rifle, as I was required to shoot them as a soldier during Vietnam. But, you’re actually saying that you agree that any and all weapons are OK to own because we may have to go out and fight our own military and government some day? Is that it?

Well, Ron good luck to you on that. Perhaps you ought to go out now and form your own militia in Hoquiam, just in case. I’ll be monitoring your progress. Anyway, some of us have become paralyzed and completely confounded by the lack of compassion by you and other gun owners in the face of the Newtown and Colorado shootings. And, calling each other names in this newspaper is juvenile and doesn’t add one iota to an adult discussion, especially since we don’t even know each other.

Consequently, calling me a “silly idyllic school girl” in light of Connecticut school children being killed is probably the most insensitive thing I’ve heard thus far from anyone in an editorial opinion. You prove my point that you and the NRA aren’t paying attention to the majority of us citizens who currently say we want these weapons off the street.

Nevertheless and amazingly, the threat of restrictions being imposed on high capacity magazine clip guns of the military kind has increased sales. Aurora, Colo., just saw another four people killed by gun violence. The 2nd Amendment never discussed or anticipated AK-47s and the like being in the hands of private citizens. It seems to have been an anomaly created over time by the interpretation of the Constitution. Now all of a sudden we all realize that we all have the ability to go out and purchase high-powered magazines. Just in the last week it has morphed into a frenzy and free for all by gun owners to stash even more of these guns in private homes.

We all agree that there are responsible gun owners, but I think that non-gun owners need to counter the ridiculous argument by the NRA that it’s OK to own killing machines for the sole purpose of waving the flag and the 2nd Amendment in our faces and for no other reason.

The operative words in gun ownership should be “what is reasonable and for what purpose do you want to own one.” If it were legal to own army tanks, cannons, and military rocket launchers, or nuclear weapons, I’m sure that many gun owners would go out right now and buy them so they could fight our government tanks as they roll into Hoquiam. What stops them is that they’re illegal to own. I would, and I’m sure you would, fight to the death to defend everyone’s right to respectfully say and do whatever anyone pleases, so long as it doesn’t affect you or me; but, not for everyone’s right to bring weapons of mass destruction, like AK-47s hidden under their coats, into the public square. Call me crazy or even a “silly ideologue” if you want, but I fervently hope that a law is passed to prevent ownership of these types of weapons, thereby saving scores of lives in the future. I’m not ashamed to say this publicly in this newspaper as a voter, a citizen, a parent and as a concerned, compassionate human being. It certainly would be a logical step to take in light of the tragic gun-related murders that took so many children’s lives in Connecticut.

Jerry Taylor