Sorry for being so narrow-minded

I believe I’m having an epiphany, for as long as I can remember I couldn’t make any sense out of the ideas from my good friends on the left. I know I’ve angered a lot of people with my narrow mindedness, however, I think I have discovered the strategy of the current administration:

So, whenever a wealthy person or company profits, they are depriving or taking money from someone else at their expense. So, am I to conclude that this applies to anyone, or just the wealthy? If it is an all-encompassing principle, then is it safe to say whenever wealth is created, so is poverty? And if so, what’s the use of working? Or does the idea only apply to wealthy people? And if so, at what point is someone wealthy? Or too wealthy? This idea would also have to conclude there is only a finite amount of money in the world and fewer people are sharing it? And so that must be why our government is printing more and more money. But then somebody has to receive it, and that would make even more poverty, unless they gave it away, because it wouldn’t be earning it, as in profiting, it would be like charity. So that must be why public dependence on government has risen so much in the last three and a half years … So people can get money without profiting and creating more poverty?!?

The other idea I am working through, is:

If Wall Street and banks are the ones to blame for the 2008 housing bubble, then why exactly did the taxpayers have to give the banks and Wall street institutions even more money? And what did it accomplish? Millions still lost their homes, and tens of millions are left upside-down on their mortgages. More lost wealth. Aw crap, they profited from the bailout, and poverty was created too, dang. We need to get more folks to sign up for welfare to get money without profiting, so we can even the economy out! And, let’s make a law that banks have to loan money to everyone, collateral or not … no profit there. Heck, soon we’ll all be rich, and nobody will profit or create any wealth! Boy Oh boy, sign me up. And to think, all those silly years of my dad telling me to work hard and I would get ahead. Goofy guy.

I must apologize to my left-leaning friends, I must have seemed closed-minded all those years. Thank you for helping me discover how overrated work really is.

Denny Martin