Stands up for Frank

I could not believe what was written by Ron Armstrong about Frank Gordon in his letter to the editor. You obviously do not know the same man that I do, Mr. Armstrong and I have known him and his family for about 50 years.

There is no one who works harder for our county and fights for the good of it than Frank does. If you sat down and talked personally with him you would realize how wrong you are.

Frank Gordon hasn’t been a part of Friends of Grays Harbor and as to the Wild Olympics — his only concerns (as with most fishermen) are that the rivers and streams are protected as so many of us are.

He has also never been a part of a group that has tried to sue the county. I cannot say he doesn’t want change on the commission — why would he run if he didn’t?

Frank Gordon loves this county and has put himself forward many times to work for city, county and many people privately — donating much of his business time to helping others. He would be an excellent county commissioner and I had a sign in my yard when I couldn’t vote for him in the Primary Election.

By the way — I am a Republican.

Janice Roberts