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Someone asked me how in this day of unrest, genocide, corruption, war and oppression of the masses, just how to see the rest of mankind in a positive and loving way.

The bigger picture is that we are all in this together. Our planet has a consciousness that is undergoing changes on many levels. The changes are in frequency from solar flare activity to gamma rays emanating from the center of our galaxy. All biological, three dimensional life forms are along for the ride. Our entire solar system is “heating” up, not just earth. And because we are energy beings, not just 3D meat suits, our DNA is being bombarded and mutating to a higher frequency. It will give mankind a chance to evolve past 3D reality.

This “doorway” or opportunity, happening now, is for the planet and all its life forms and the solar system. 3D aspects of consciousness are being given the chance to join the “sea” of consciousness in unlimited possibilities. The mutation of our DNA changes our frequency. The expanded frequency allows for multidimensional consciousness and “travel” through the cosmos. Although governments are suppressing the info, we are watched, visited and encouraged to evolve. Crop circles are messages. What holds our attention is what we create with our thoughts.

Fear is 3D thinking. “Love” is the closest frequency to what is happening to us. We are loved a million times more by our brothers and sisters in the expanded dimensions than we “love” our own children. They are here to welcome us into our full expression of being. As I said before, we are more than 3D meat suits. The next step in our evolution is happening to our entire solar system.

Meta Earthling

North River