Stay off your cell when driving

Cell phones, why do you need them? Back in the days before cell phones and you had to call someone you had to stop where there was a pay phone or you stop at someone’s house that you knew.

It is really amazing how such a small item like the cell phone can run our lives today.

It’s also amazing how when the state has a law that a lot of citizens who own phones seems to ignore it when the law says if you need to use your phone while driving to have a hands-free device. Either these people who talk on their phone while driving can’t afford these devices or they just think they won’t get caught.

I saw a lady driving her Jeep toward Aberdeen from Montesano on July 3, talking on her phone while attempting to drive safely down the road as she was tailgating the person in front of her.

Either you don’t care about your safety and the safety of others while driving or you have money to waste when a police officer pulls you over or you get into an accident because your mind wasn’t paying total attention on driving your vehicle safely.

Is it that important that you have to make or take a call while you’re driving? The answer is no. These phone calls aren’t that important.

So I suggest hang it up and drive safe!

Bob Zink