Stop the oil

I am sorry it took the tragic loss of life in Quebec to focus some much-needed attention on the sheer absurdity of the proposed introduction of oil into our community.

I am also sorry that Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney and Port Executive Director Gary Nelson seem to be working to facilitate this nightmare.

It begs the question, who exactly are these guys working for? Certainly not this taxpayer.

As for the state Department of Ecology, don’t get me started.

If placing a billion gallons of oil on the shoreline at the intersection of Earthquake and Tsunami doesn’t warrant an Environmental Impact Statement one wonders what, if anything, does.

No accidents, no spills, no explosions, no derailments, no deaths.

If the folks who are trying to sell us this bill of goods can’t unequivocally guarantee this then they have no right to even propose it.

Of course, they cannot. So why are we even having this discussion?

If this is allowed to happen on the Harbor it will negatively affect everything from the quality of your life to the value of your home. Now is not the time for complacency. If we work together — now — we can stop this from happening.

There will be a meeting of concerned citizens 7 p.m., Friday at the Furford Gathering Center, 104 S. Chehalis in Aberdeen. There’s plenty of parking in rear of building.

Richard Pennant