Stop poisoning the bays

Concerning the deadly poison that is sprayed on the Willapa and Grays Harbor estuaries every year — I personally have been tied up to a piling on the Willapa Bay east of Tokeland about one mile. It was early morning just after sunrise waiting to make a low water gillnet set, when out of nowhere came a helicopter rigged for spraying deadly poison, an arm off both sides to deliver the toxic brew, whatever they call it now. Back then it was “Sevin.”

That poison had no discretion. The birds were eating the shrimp that crawled out of their hole in the mud and the crab went belly up and floated away into long tide rips. Ray Nelson, a cannery owner at Tokeland, fought to ban that spraying for years, to no avail.

My hat is off to Steven and Cynthia Bova for bringing it up.

If you have enough money you can do pretty much anything.

If you have excessive amounts of cash you can get elected to the Senate and the world is your oyster.

The people of this state should vote accordingly. Vote out the career politician.

Jerry Tilley