Subversion? Maybe, but it wasn’t the GOP

Attorney Chris Crew in his OpEd, “GOP subverting the democratic process” doesn’t fact check, which, for his profession, is distressing. Crew said “millions of federal workers are out of work.” It was about 800,000 at one point and dropped from there. None would have been out of work had the Senate passed any number of House funding bills. Crew claimed that all four House budgets wanted to scrap ObamaCare. The truth is that the House passed at least one bill to delay ObamaCare a year. Considering the ObamaCare websites are failing, and they lack essential personal and financial security, a rational leader would halt the use of ObamaCare until it was fixed. Seems Crew, and the Democrats, want ObamaCare implemented anyway. Your medical, personal, and financial security doesn’t appear to be high on their list of concerns. Talk about “Buyer Beware.”

One House bill tried to force government workers to abide by the same rules they force us peons to follow. Apparently, Crew didn’t like that. The Supreme Court building has “Equal Justice Under Law.” One would think a lawyer would believe in that rather than an “Animal Farm” scenario where “some are more equal than others.”

The Republicans passed separate bills funding certain parts of government, a separate funding process that has a historical basis. But Rep. Derek Kilmer voted against several, and senators Murray and Cantwell never voiced opposition to Harry Reid preventing senators a chance to vote.

Obama made sure citizens, tourists, and the U.S. economy suffered by having the National Park Service prevent people from visiting open air parks, stopping at some highway overlooks, and even eating in some restaurants that happened to be on federal land. If a company had acted so maliciously, Chris Crew might be one of the first guys suing.

Crew seems to think people are so naive that they weren’t paying attention to the blackmail being inflicted by the Senate and White House on the American people. “We will NOT negotiate” was repeatedly uttered by Harry Reid and President Obama.

Instead of solving our collapsing economic problems, we still have the sequester and we’ll return to the same issue three months from now, but a trillion dollars more in debt.

Let it be noted that after the bill was signed, the Chinese Credit Agency downgraded the U.S. from A to A- with a negative outlook because they realized the White House is not serious about tackling debt. The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) have declared the U.S. dollar should not be the reserve currency.

In typical progressive vitriol, Crew makes numerous negative comments about conservatives wanting to protect the U.S. economy — blaming others is what progressives do. The reality is that government does not have the political will to balance its budget and pay its bills. Because of the Senate and White House refusal to address growing problems, U.S. debt is rising faster (over 104 percent of GDP), America is paying higher interest payments to other countries ($20 billion/month), and the money we send out of the country will be used to buy American assets to be shipped overseas.

Randy Dutton