Support for Michael Bruce

I am writing this letter to show my support and endorsement of Michael Bruce for county commissioner, District 2. I do this with great pride and sincerity due to our past and present working relationship.

While I was principal of Ocosta Junior/Senior High School, Michael was our librarian and director of the district’s technology department. In my judgment, his teaching skills were far above average and his understanding of students, camaraderie with staff and his overall ability to work with others on solving problems throughout the district were masterful.

In the last six years, as a Westport council member, I have worked closely with Michael regarding numerous issues. He has displayed a thorough knowledge of the political process as mayor and has led the city of Westport in a positive direction, and he will do the same for Grays Harbor County.

I highly encourage all voters to consider voting for Michael Bruce. There are leaders, who, because of their commitment to the citizens of Grays Harbor, must be considered outstanding. Michael Bruce is an outstanding leader.

Rex Bell