Support for road repair tax

Ballots have been mailed asking for your vote on a sales tax for road repairs and maintenance within the city of Aberdeen. This would be a sales tax of 13 cents on a purchase of $100.

Aberdeen has more than 98 miles of streets, most of which need attention. Your street department has done what it could to keep the roadways smooth, but recent city budgets have not allowed for much more than patching the worst spots. Your elected City Council, which reluctantly voted to present this issue to you, realizes that financially times are tough. Rates and taxes only go up and at a rate faster than does income, but our streets aren’t getting any smoother and only decay more without attention. Since this is a sales tax, the 1.3 cents per $10 applies only to taxable goods, not to most groceries. The funds raised would be used only for street repair, not salaries, not equipment, not parks, not police or fire personnel. The Public Works Director and street department will submit a proposed list of projects to your elected City Council, in their role as Transportation Benefit District Board, for approval or rejection. The tax would last for six years.

This tax will help all citizens, even those who don’t own or drive cars. Buses, taxis, fire trucks, police vehicles and trucks carrying market goods, all need adequate roads to serve you.

Please vote “Yes” for the Aberdeen roads tax and return your ballot by Feb. 12. Thank you

Margo Shortt

4th Ward Aberdeen City Council