Supporting Caldwell

I am writing this letter to let the people of Grays Harbor know, that in my opinion, we could not have a better person than Chuck Caldwell as our Port Commissioner.

I have known Chuck for more years than I can count. He is a generous man that will do anything he can to help anyone who needs it.

To say that he doesn’t care about Grays Harbor and our environment is ludicrous! To say that he and the other commissioners are selling Grays Harbor out for the prospect of a few jobs could not be further from the truth.

Chuck has always been an avid outdoorsman and good steward of the land. Fishing, hunting, boating and being able to enjoy our beautiful harbor is part of what has kept him a Harborite all these years. His future along with that of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, is here.

He is the president of the Kelsey Foundation which grants over $500,000 in scholarships each year in the hopes that our Harbor children will further their education and return to the Harbor. Without jobs to come home to, what hope do we have that they will return?

In 2001, when he became Port Commissioner, there was no Home Depot, no export business to speak of due to the failing timber industry, no bio-diesel and very few private investments on the port property. Now we have over $200,000,000 of private investment on port property and employment has risen to more than 1,000, my son being one of them. These are jobs that provide a living wage for families.

There are some who say that he doesn’t care about the environment, the land, the water or the people of Grays Harbor. Just come take a look at Friends Landing on the Chehalis River (a totally handicapped accessible

recreational park). Together with a few very important people, they built Friends Landing from a gravel pit to what it is today, a beautiful park, freely accessible to everybody.

There are those who talk about bringing jobs and tourism to the Harbor. Do they think that people haven’t been trying? Without the growth at the port, where would we be? Without the railroad, where would we be? We need to continue to take advantage of our natural deep water port and the rail line that brings the commodities to the port for import and export. Does anyone really think that the railroad will not maintain their system? They have a big investment in Grays Harbor and its future.

To keep the Port and Grays Harbor moving forward, be sure to vote for Chuck Caldwell.

Debora Wood