Supporting Callaghan

I would like to extend a letter of support for Arie Callaghan who is running for P.U.D. Commissioner. I have known Arie for eight years through work and community involvement. Arie has demonstrated leadership and skills that the public comes to expect with a public office. Arie’s integrity and ethics has spoken very loudly for himself as he has established himself as a vital asset to the Grays Harbor community through his leadership.

We as a community and nation have some important decisions to make. Locally, I strongly encourage you to vote for Arie Callaghan as he has invested into our community through his work and his involvement to make Grays Harbor a better place.

Arie has demonstrated through the recent economic difficult time to manage and impact through his leadership a positive contribution to the success of Mason Trucking. He has made key decisions financially to insure the stability of Mason Trucking, support other businesses and enhance through growth the ability to communicate with business owners, agencies, employees along with addressing needs of other members of the community. Arie gathers facts, communicates, facilitates, evaluates, and strategically involve others before making key decisions. Arie daily makes decisions to insure the success of the company and employees he manages along with insuring the safety and prosperity of all. It is without question after reviewing the recent Daily World article citing concerns as stated by the independent consultant that Arie Callaghan possesses the skills and leadership needed for the next term of P.U.D. Commissioner. The citizens of Grays Harbor need to do their homework and make the right decision, get involved. This is a critical position that impacts all of us and we need a commissioner that is accessible and has common sense. Please join me and renew the success of Grays Harbor by voting for Arie Callaghan.

Tracy Ridout