Supporting Fire District 5

I am writing in support of the levy lid lift attempt for Fire District 5. Over the past years, Fire District 5 has proven that it is fiscally responsible. They have gone from near bankruptcy to operating in the black for the past three years. The belt has been tightened to the last notch. But, they remain under-funded. All of the money the district brings in goes to daily operations. There is no money left to replace equipment and vehicles. If they are not able to replace vehicles and equipment, they will begin to fail. This could end up costing us much more on insurance premiums than they are asking for in the lid lift.

If approved, residents will only pay about $8 more per $100,000 of assessed property value than they are paying this year. If you have ever had to call 911, you will understand that this is a much needed service that we do not want to lose.

Please vote yes on Nov. 6 for the Fire District 5 Levy Lid Lift.

Sue Avery