Supporting Gordon

This letter is in support of Frank Gordon for Grays Harbor County Commissioner. I’m not into extolling all the virtues of what makes a good candidate for office. Oh sure, I could write a column or two listing all the qualities one would like to see — but why? Because I’ve been around long enough to know what makes a good candidate, and Frank fits the bill.

Frank Gordon has a deep, abiding belief in the people of Grays Harbor, just as he does in Aberdeen. His personality and integrity is beyond reproach; a purebred original! Frank calls it the way he sees it with honesty. If something can be achieved, Frank will do it. If it can’t, he will tell you forthright.

Mostly, Frank has profound respect for others — people of all cultures, races and opinions. He’s no “rubber stamp” elected official. His incisive commentary not only gives direction to his work on the council, but raises questions concerning cost and impact of programs and services under city consideration. Frank Gordon cares about people. He understands their needs, and he effectively works to retain their confidence. Frank Gordon has my vote and I hope he has yours.

John Erak