Supporting Kilmer

I’m writing this letter in support of Derek Kilmer for Congress. Derek has spent his working life creating family wage jobs for Washingtonians.

He supports seniors in their fight to save Medicare from becoming a voucher system and he’ll never vote to privatize our Social Security system.

Now compare this to Bill Driscoll’s record. He is an heir to the Weyerhaeuser family, and I read on his website that he has recently been to China setting up a factory. If you want to see his jobs program for Americans, you just have to drive across the Chehalis River and head south. The first shut down plant you see will be the old Aberdeen sawmill, then the sawmill sorting yard. Then the shut down and sold Pacific Veneer plant, then the shut down Bay City sorting yard, and finally, the Cosi Pulp Mill, which was shut down and then sold. All of these Weyco operations were making money, but the employees and our community fell victims to Weyerhaeuser greed, as did many communities across this state and nation.

After shutting down all these operations, Weyerhaeuser was able to become a “real estate trust” and shareholders got a huge dividend even though the stock was at less than a third of its former value.

If you get a chance to talk to Mr. Driscoll, ask him if he supports the Ryan budget plan. This budget will increase the deficit by $5 trillion and give people like Mr. Driscoll millions of dollars in tax breaks.

Richard Kivi