Supports Callaghan

I am writing to encourage you to share my support for Arie Callaghan for P.U.D. Commissioner for District 1. I have known Arie since we were kids and have been a close friend since. We grew up in Elma and still live here today. Being a lifetime resident gives him a great feel for the history here and a unique insight into the potential future needs and direction Grays Harbor may be heading.

He has always been a “people person” and is renown for his infectious laughter. But on a serious note, Arie has always been a problem solver and what we (his peers) have affectionately referred to as a “perfectionist.” Arie, when confronted with a situation, would have it broken down in a short time, making it into something he could conquer and excel at. I have always admired that about him. He has always been a very organized and meticulous person.

As a young man Arie wanted to drive truck. On his own time he started to drive nights and weekends for local loggers and road builders until he gained the necessary experience to gain employment full time. From there he drove dump trucks, log trucks, and ran heavy equipment. I have spent several years in the timber industry and can attest that hauling heavy equipment is a dangerous and precise job. Soon after his heavy hauling career began, he became the supervisor for Mason Trucking and in charge of dispatching and managing the fleet of lowbeds and drivers, along with being the guy with whom the buck stops when problems arose. He continues there today.

I am reciting my knowledge of Arie’s past and present, in hopes you’ll understand him the way we, his friends, know him. His unique insight and ability to overcome a difficult project as being just a matter of understanding, patience and teamwork, will make him a great commissioner. His love of people and years of maneuvering manpower will make him a shoo-in to work with the P.U.D. employees and management. And, as I said earlier, as a lifelong resident here in Grays Harbor, his love for this county will make him a great public servant.

Denny Martin