Supports Frank Wolfe

Frank Wolfe is a relatively quiet man, serious, bright and intellectually engaging. He is drawn toward the truth, and speaks it frankly, often, without serious compromise. He’s bright — quite bright. He’s married to Kathleen Sayce who seems to know and identify everything that grows in the Pacific Northwest. She may be even brighter than Frank, and that says a lot. Both love this part of the world with a passion. Both are scientists. We can count on Frank to protect our fragile bay and those environs that we qualify as home.

I’ve never known Frank to seriously back down on a well-thought opinion, and he’s a good listener. All that adds up to this summation: Frank Wolfe would make a superb County Commissioner for Pacific County.

It’s time to elect a commissioner who asks hard questions and isn’t afraid to back up a thoughtful and careful computation. He is not a casual man. He is a fine and articulate thinker. If anyone can shape government, he has a good chance.

What more can I say. He’s our guy, and we need him as our next commissioner. Give Frank your vote, please.

David Campiche