Take a breath

Another opinion about the right to own guns was expressed by Darrell Patrick in the Feb. 16, Daily World, in a letter titled “Guns.” Certainly American citizens do have rights to own them. But, as he stated, “it does no good to suppress the rights of gun owners” and some of the buyers! Most are law-abiding individuals.

But sadly, these same folks are so frightened about possible loss of these “rights,” they crowd into gun shops and shows, buying up all the weapons and “ammo” their pocketbooks and nerves will allow!

Slow down, folks! Take a few breaths! And use some rational thinking! And let’s include those who are voicing their objections to our legislators, loudly and at times, profanely!

The problem does not lie with the guns, themselves, but in the uses of them. Mainly, it’s individuals, who need to reap vengeance for wrongs done to them, real or imagined. And instead of taking responsibility for their part in their difficulties, innocent souls become their victims instead!

Small wonder there is so much hatred, violence and chaos in this nation and the world, in general. Not only do people need to love and respect one another. But we all must take responsibility for the ways we conduct our lives, and start paying closer attention to the “weeds in our own gardens.”

Linda Schaeffer