Thanks for nothin’

Thank you for stealing our flowers once again. I would like to thank the person or persons who cut and stole all the daffodils at our business on Highway 101 in South Aberdeen as we would not want local residents, customers and tourists going to the beach to have any enjoyment from seeing beautiful spring flowers.

We continually have both kids and adults ride their bikes or even strollers over the plants in the parking strip to the point of killing them, which has caused us to lose interest in trying to make the parking strip more beautiful for all. Guess I might as well thank the thieves for stealing signs off the building, stealing or breaking plants/flowers around the building as again we would not want to make our business attractive to anyone.

It is to the point we only half-heartedly plant or decorate anymore due to theft. How sad that because of a few who want to live in a ghetto, the rest of us who would like to see our city thrive and be a place to be proud of have to suffer. All people who pass though our area will see nothing but a poor drab economically challenged area.

Terry Stewart