They’re coming for your cat

Environmentalists are coming for kitty! In a spate of recent articles, progressives have described how cats are bad for the environment and they have proposed banning cats globally. That’s right. They want to prevent all cats from breeding … forever, until all domesticated cats are eradicated. And yes, they’re coming for your little dog, too!

Skeptical? Read the articles: In the article, “You know what animal makes a good pet? No animal!” (, researchers describe how bird populations are decimated by cats, claiming, “cats are mere parasites” and were compared to “a friendly, neighborhood serial killer.” Now, you may think the researchers stand alone, so read the online article comments and you’ll see how the movement is progressing.

But birds are not the only reason environmentalists want to eliminate cats. In the article, “Your pet has a bigger carbon footprint than your car?” ( they equate a cat’s carbon emissions to a compact car, and your dog’s to two SUVs. Yes, they want to save the planet by getting rid of cats … and dogs … and most other pets. What I haven’t seen is balance in their argument. For example, how much global warming emissions are reduced by the death of high metabolism birds and mammals.

Here’s a mainstream article that describes cats as killers:

This is not happening in a vacuum. Witness the growing progressive agenda in America to relocate people into “urban islands,” to dictate your vehicle type, your lifestyle, what information you read or listen to, how you protect yourself, the food you eat, the number of children you can have, and even how you heat your house. Ironically, the progressives who claim to believe in evolution want to reverse climate trends and humanity’s influence on earth, and that means you, your children, and your pets.

Randy Dutton