They made the wrong choice

How did Grays Harbor County end up with three commissioners who actively chose not to make a reasonable and logical decision together just because they didn’t like the options they were given?

Following were their choices in picking the prosecutor.

Ms. Vini Elizabeth Samuel — 16 years in family law/civil private practice. No experience working in Prosecutor’s Office.

Mr. George H. Smylie — 37 years in law practice. No experience working in Prosecutor’s Office.

Ms. Katherine Svoboda — Senior Deputy Prosecutor, who has dedicated the past 10 years working in Grays Harbor Prosecutor’s Office, prosecuting countless criminal cases, including brutal murders and sex crimes.

How can all three of our commissioners justify that their decision was based on the true best interest of Grays Harbor County? It is obvious that they made their decision out of spite, and to truly mess up our already busy, overworked prosecutor’s office.

Their paid job is to govern and put the best person in place now to serve the citizens of the Harbor. They intentionally chose not to do that to play political games and pursue a vendetta.

The people of Grays Harbor County deserve better elected commissioners who would place our county and citizens’ best interests first and foremost. Welch, Cormier and Gordon do not deserve to be our civil servants.

Clara Shin