Time to clean house

Limbo is the most uncomfortable condition you can be in. With uncertainty everywhere, businesses can’t start up or even expand.

No one knows right now what the tax rates will be in the near future. Obamacare has a penalty for anyone who does not conform. On foreign policy, our president has indicated he could be very generous to our friends and enemies once he is re-elected. Billions of dollars that have been earned by multi-national corporations in other countries is being kept outside the U.S.

I believe that our economy would take off like a bull just released from it’s pen if the job creators in this country could know what they need to do to be in business. If the foreign money were taxed at a lower figure, I believe billions would be returned to our country and would be used to put people to work. We need to be energy independent NOW! We need to be building the Keystone pipeline NOW! If Obamacare is so great, why is it that the unions and President Obama’s friends are not required to participate. Just to get it passed he gave Nebraska and Louisiana a complete waiver. The President’s “job czar” has done a great job in establishing jobs in China. The money spent to create jobs has gone to Brazil, Norway and several other places outside the U.S.

President Ronald Reagan stated: The government is not the solution, government is the problem. This is true in Washington, D.C. It is also true in the state of Washington and Grays Harbor County. If the government will get out of the way and allow America to function the way it can, we could soon have decreasing unemployment and an economy running like we know it can. Coming out of a similar recession that occurred in the Carter Administration, our country came back in less time than this administration has been in office, and in the four years of Reagan our economy grew to a Gross Domestic Product, 400 percent greater than when he became our president.

This election is the most critical in my lifetime. We should have a house cleaning of the people who caused these problems.

Fred Rapp