A Trabucco fan

In response to the Erin Hart’s recent article regarding the Aberdeen Historic Preservation Commission meeting: Thank you, Chester Trabucco for entering the application to the Aberdeen Historic Preservation Commission to put the Morck Hotel on the city’s historic register, for taking the time and resources to abate the vagrants and trespassers and for boarding up 191 windows at no small cost. And Thank you for attending the Minimum Standards Workshop you were invited to in May and updating us to your plan of action and details of your vision, and for bringing a clean and recent asbestos report and an apology for the way things have been since the decline of the economy in 2008.

Chester Trabucco, sir, I too am tired of looking at that eyesore in the center of town, wondering about its future and its timeline. I am embarrassed to drive my visitors into the downtown and have that be the center of community.

But I want to thank you for sharing your plans for my future in Aberdeen, our future. I realize you could walk away entirely and not do a thing. Thank you for not doing that and standing on the fact that the citizens of Aberdeen deserve the breath of life for that fine hotel that is the past of our lives, the present of our current days and the hope for tomorrow. You have my support.

There are some in town who are embracing the Electric Building and its history for the community as well. We value our history and that history was lived in these buildings that deserve our attention. It’s a moral decision to support the private sector and realize that even though it’s owned by private individuals the history of our lives, families and communities lies in the halls of this magnificent structures.

Thank you Mr. Trabucco and welcome to Aberdeen every single day you bring a new idea, a new solution, a new completed task that you are able to accomplish as you and we recover from the market depression. Know that eventually this community will rally around the building and appreciate your fortitude and your determination. It’s what we are made of, as well. It’s taken a long time but I’m sincerely glad to hear the paint will fly in less than 10 days.

Thank you for your contribution to build a great city — in Aberdeen.

Elaine Redner