Transit trouble

If Grays Harbor Transit actually goes through with its plan to cancel all weekend transit service it may just have a fight on its hands.

What they’d really be doing is punishing the people who rely most on the transit system for transportation.

At the last transit meeting alone there was one lady who relies on the bus system to get to and from work (on weekends) and another who is confined to a wheelchair who relies 100 percent on GHTA for all of her transportation needs.

So while one group of bureaucrats is bantering that we live in a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week world, we have the all-knowing all caring GHTA management guys telling us that we don’t!

Huh, what the heck is that?

The Grays Harbor Transit Authority was supposedly formed to “serve” those who either needed reliable transportation to make their lives better or for those who were looking for more affordable solutions to their personal transportation needs. Either way, these guys must come to the realization that they work for us, yes us, We the People.

What We the People should do is fire all of the office people — including those in management and administration, take away their cars, and make them ride the bus. Then, cancel weekend service — but only for those folks — so that they have to stay home all weekend long. During the week, they have to get to their job interviews and all appointments by bus.

I wonder if these guys even come close to getting it! I personally don’t think they have a clue!

Bruce Daniels