Sen. Brian Hatfield’s Speech on the two-thirds majority tax votes, caused him to state that his constituents don’t trust him. “They don’t trust us and we have to do a lot to build that trust back up,” he stated.

Well, senator, that is a good start and here is what you need to do to rebuild that trust because there is no common ground on some issues you and your Democratic Party support!

Your lack of support on the parental notification bill, SB5156, that you and your controlling party in this state just casually brush aside year after year is one place there is no common ground. Think about it, senator, from the standpoint of one whose priorities are God, family and country. That someone can give ones daughter or granddaughter an abortion without the knowledge of parents or guardian indicates to me that you are casually reducing our great past to the trouble of fools.

Hugh Fleet

South Bend