Turn your headlights on

Please use your headlights in our Grays Harbor mist and maze!

I don’t know how many cars I saw this morning about 8 a.m. that didn’t have ANY lights on when I was headed to an appointment.

You will see the cars coming toward you — you pull out into traffic or maybe want to make a left turn across lanes — oops — didn’t see that car — the one in the middle with no lights on as it blended into our rainy haze.

An accident with injuries might be avoided if everyone would use headlights.

I cannot remember when I have had a vehicle that the lights didn’t come on when the windshield wipers were turned on or even had a car that didn’t have day running lights for that matter.

Grays Harbor weather warrants headlights in our rainy hazy climate.

My dad taught me to drive in the ’50s and ALWAYS insisted the lights be on as he believed in the safety factor of headlights — day or night.

All vehicle manufacturers should be forced to install day running lights — and headlights — when windshield wipers are


Please — you could save an injury accident — maybe involving a loved one.

Pass it along — word of mouth — it really is important. Safety is important.

Janice Roberts