Two cents worth

As a frequent writer of letters to the editor I’m often asked, ” Who should I vote for?” Well, a difficult question for naming a specific candidate. I don’t publicly state my support for any candidate.

I do believe this is a very critical point in our country. We are at the edge of a financial cliff, and looking at a decade of slow growth, less than 2 percent per year, and real unemployment of 14 percent, with only 63 percent of the work force participating. Our national debt will be $20 trillion in 2016. America has lost its leadership in the world, and 50 percent of our college graduates are without jobs, and graduates have an average $26,000 student loan, many with degrees that are not marketable. If you want four more years of the last four years, then vote for Obama. If you want to change this picture then vote for Romney.

There are several important issues in our Voters Pamphlet:

•Initiative 1185, this again will require legislators to have two-thirds vote to raise our taxes. The hated up to $50 “Family Discovery Pass” for us to use our land will be eliminated. I voted “yes.”

• Initiative 1240, this will allow a pilot program to truly give parents a chance to provide a quality education for our children in the 21st Century. I voted “yes.”

• Referendum 74, this is a difficult personal question which depends upon many religious and social considerations. I voted to reject.

• Initiative 502, this will license and regulate marijuana, historically having and using marijuana has been illegal, and just like prohibition, it has been a failure. We have our jails full of users, and have subjected our children to police records that limit their ability to obtain a family-sustainable job. Yet alcohol is legal? For sure people who drive or try working under the influence should be arrested, just like alcohol. I voted “yes.”

• Senate Joint resolution 8206, this limits our legislators from over-charging their credit card, and pulls it back to 8 percent. I voted “yes.”

Regardless of your views the most important thing you can do as a citizen is vote.

Ron Craig

South Bend