Unions fought for you

Don’t ruin unions by supporting right to work laws. You already have the right to work without belonging to a union.

I have a few thoughts you should ask yourself and then really think it about the next time you want to bash a union.

First of all, do you realize that all of the worker rights laws that you live by today were founded by unions and are maintained by unions continuing to work forward to not lose those rights.

Second, the basic 8-hour-work-day and overtime conditions are a result of unions working in a positive manner for worker rights.

And third, they have given the workers the right to bargain for their wages and benefits on an annual basis.

Don’t complain about poor wages, no benefits and poor working conditions if you don’t want to pay for them. This is your right to choose that you already have. Nothing’s free!

People who belong to unions choose to. The right to belong and pay dues to cover administrative cost is a right that you have when you join. Don’t ruin the opportunity to join a union for others by supporting the government by enacting right to work laws. If you don’t like paying dues for fair working conditions, then try not paying your taxes. You are already part of the biggest union, the United States. Ask yourself, how has the government worked for you already?

Frank Majeski