Vandalism must stop

This is an open letter to the coward who continues to vandalize our cars at Sam Bann Park. We play disc golf on a weekly basis. Within the last two months we have had at least a dozen tires slashed, several cars keyed and two with either brake fluid or paint stripper thrown on them. We have contacted the Aberdeen Police to no avail. We are all citizens of Aberdeen and have a right to use this park. We have in our group carpenters, welders, salesmen, teachers, a preacher and a doctor. We clean up, do not use alcohol or drugs, we are just out for fun and exercise. You have cost us quite a bit of money and pain. I do not know what your issue is, but let it be known that one day if you keep this up, you will be caught and we will take matters into our own hands. This has to stop.

Herb Norquist

South Aberdeen