Vote for McDougall

Well, here we are — almost to “the end of the lollipop” and counting, with two weeks left to go until election day. While some of the races have been less than inspiring, I’ve found the challenges of the Pacific County Commissioner positions interesting. Four good candidates vying for two spots might be considered a win-win position.

However, a choice has to be made and my choice is Scott McDougall for Position 1. His length of residency may be shorter than that of other candidates, but he has proven himself to be an intelligent, caring young man who is thoughtfully committed to becoming the best commissioner possible. Concerned about his neighbors, his primary goal is a better way of life for all who live in Pacific County. He has been a servant to the public and an asset to the community as an EMT, a fireman, and an hospital board member. And that’s just for starters.

Scott and Greta were our neighbors — the best kind of neighbors — when they first moved to Raymond with a very young Zac (now a freshman at WSU) in tow. They were family-oriented, loving parents, community-minded citizens from the git-go. We had many opportunities to observe first-hand the kind of people they were — people who could be trusted and depended upon to give their best to the town where they had chosen to make their home, who would lend a hand where needed. If a teenager can write a public letter about his dad, like the letter Zac did, you have to feel confident that Scott is not only a great dad but a generally all-around good guy!

When it comes to honesty, integrity and compassion, in my humble opinion, Scott McDougall really does have the “Right Stuff.”

Ann Mergens