Vote for Willis

This coming Nov. 6, the people will once again decide who will steer our county, state and nation. A do-nothing electorate merely sets all of us up for a fall. Our involvement will decide the future of our country and requires all of us to think before we vote.

With that being said, Grays Harbor County residents will have two open county commissioner seats. If two are replaced with new, inexperienced people, we can very well set ourselves up for some rough times ahead. Currently, we have one commissioner with four years of invaluable experience, gained from working with citizens and government leaders in the county and on the state level. It is and has been said that we must clean house and start over. While this may be the solution in some respects, it does taxpayers no future good in removing someone who has worked very diligently on our behalf. That person is Commissioner Terry Willis who has proven beyond a shadow of doubt in this voter’s eyes, that she is a wise choice for re-election to District 1’s commission post. The people of Grays Harbor would truly error in not re-electing her on the premise of arbitrarily “cleaning house.”

In one of her many projects as a commissioner, Mrs. Willis has shown a professional work ethic in attending to the flood issues for the Wishkah Valley. Her work on this project and ability to bring government leaders from within and outside of county jurisdictions to assist and support this project has been commendable to say the least. Her communication skills with fellow leaders both on a state and federal level, along with her conscientious demeanor and tenacious “can do” attitude, makes her an excellent choice for re-election. Re-electing Terry Willis will be a favorable move for the people of Grays Harbor.

Please vote for Terry Willis District 1 Commissioner Nov. 6.

Al Smith

Wishkah Valley