Vote yes for bus riders

Our community here in Grays Harbor needs your help. The beginning of September our weekend service and holiday service for bus rides were taken away along with transfers and money raises in fares for when we ride.

We did not receive the appropriate amount of money for us to continue the service and we fear it could get better or could get worse.

I, as a concerned individual, rely on the transit buses to get to appointments, the libraries, to and from home and shopping. People like me that have mental disabilities, or vision issues, people who are in wheel chairs, or have a physical disability such as hearing or blindness or anything else of a physical disability all rely on these services , even teens and children that need to get around to school, college, appointments and their shopping as well.

Some of us need the buses to go back and forth from work, because we aren’t able to or can’t physically drive.

Some don’t have someone to rely on besides the bus or caregivers, really do need it.

The other day a man who needed to go to the hospital was making up lies and excuses to get on the bus because his money card timed out and he had no more money to be able to get a new one. He looked really embarrassed so I wanted to save him the humiliation. He had to pay for all the transfers and had nothing left to ride with. It’s not that he was trying to rip off — it’s just such a change.

So I went up and paid for this anonymous man. I don’t know why I did but God said he needed to go, so I paid.

People laughed and made fun when he got off. I felt kind of foolish because I paid then laughed with the people.

A couple of days later a woman with two kids had the same problem. She got mad that I helped her but thanked me when we got off the bus.

Please Grays Harbor, if you get a ballot in the mail for Grays Harbor Transit, please vote yes. It’s very important, even if you don’t ride the bus. Please, for the people in your community vote yes.

Ms. Emerson