Voting for Cormier

Now that the election ballots have arrived I feel it is the proper time to remind voters, particularly those of us who live in the cities, of the continued attempts by the incumbent county commissioners to shift the burden of county services off onto the municipalities in Grays Harbor County.

During the past couple of years the commissioners, led by Terry Willis, have moved heaven and earth to find any way to shift the cost of services off onto the cities. It began with the County Public Works Director saying the cities didn’t pay their “fair share” to drive on county roads nor did they pay their “fair share” for county work done on roadways within corporate limits by county crews. The solution was to impose a “levy shift” onto city property owners consisting of a 2 percent increase in their property taxes, a tax that we, the city dwellers, did not vote on.

Next comes an increase, by the county, in the costs of housing and health care for law-breakers in the county jail, which was attempted by the former sheriff in the middle of a contract year. At this point this process has been deferred to later in the coming year.

Lastly, there still remains the 2 percent levy shift that needs to be considered for extension to 2013 by the county commissioners.

Please consider all this when you mark your ballots. Cities all over the county are now working on their budgets, having to predict weather or not the County will find innovative ways to increase your cost for their services.

I live in Elma, which is in Ms. Willis’ district. It is my intent to vote for Wes Cormier and urge any and all of my fellow city dwellers throughout the district to do the same.

James Taylor